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A Neglected Stepmother Ch. 01

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Karl was the son of Hugh Powell, the wealthy CEO of Integer, a tech company born in Silicon Valley in the 80s. The 19-year-old young man lived in a beautiful villa in the outskirts of Los Angeles with his father and his stepmother Angelica. Or rather, most of the time, he lived with his stepmother, as Hugh was always at the office or on some business trip.

Angelica was a stunning 34 year-old blonde, who had been with Hugh for five years. They had gotten together some months after he had divorced his second wife, and had been married for three years. Coming from a pretty wealthy family herself, Angelica had never been interested in Hugh’s money, contrary to what some people had been saying when they heard the CEO of Integer had married a woman eleven years younger than him. Angelica had been fascinated by Hugh’s intelligence and passion.

But nowadays, she felt abandoned and got to spend very little time with him, sometimes going weeks without seeing him at all. Hugh was a good looking man, and knowing his position and temperament, there was no doubt in her mind that he was cheating on her regularly. But he was her first serious relationship, and Angelica couldn’t admit to herself that if was failing, so she chose to stay. She also cultivated the hopes that Hugh would make good on his promise to take his hands off the wheel of his company in a few years and spend more time with his family.

Being an artist, she often worked on her paintings in her workshop and didn’t go out much. She had some good friends but avoided frequenting men. Her past experience had shown many were just being nice to her to get in her pants, or to take advantage of her money. It had now been some time since a man had the opportunity of hitting on her.

Luckily, Angelica had a great relationship with her husband’s son. In many ways, Karl reminded her of the things she liked in her husband, and unlike some privileged young men, he never gave off a feeling a entitlement or superiority, and was always nice to her. The two spent a lot of time together when they were home.

Angelica’s intimate life was practically nonexistent. If had been months since the last time she had sex with her husband. Whenever he was home, he was always too tired or too worried. She thought he probably had his fill with other partners. So most of her sexual activity was spent alone, in her room.

One saturday afternoon, Hugh was on a business trip in Hong Kong, and Karl and Angelica were at home. She told her stepson she needed to get some painting supplies and left the house. Her supply runs usually took a couple of hours. Leaving Karl alone in the house, she took her car and went to the city.

While Karl had inherited his father’s good looks, he was a rather shy young man. He’d had a few girlfriends so he wasn’t really inexperienced, but had been single for several months and didn’t have anyone in his sights. There was, however, one person who occupied his thoughts: his stepmother. With her short and thin build, her shoulder-length blond hair, and her beautiful smile, she was as hot as they came. Angelica had fuelled the young man’s fantasies for a long time, and recently, he had found an outlet for the sexual tension building up inside him.

After he saw his stepmother’s car drive away, Karl did the same thing he had been doing for the past few weeks: he sneaked in her bedroom, opened Angelica’s underwear drawer, and took one of her panties. He went to the large living room where the two had been watching television a few minutes earlier, and took off his clothes.

He felt Angelica’s warmth as he sat on the large sofa where she had just been. He briefly looked at his raging erection, then delicately wrapped his stepmother’s cyan panties around his member, and began stroking himself.

Angelica was no more than five minutes away from the house when she suddenly remembered that the shop she usually went to was closed that day. It was a small place owned by an old man she had known for years, and he was the only one selling some of the materials she used. The owner was attending his daughter’s wedding this weekend, and had told her the week before that the shop wouldn’t be open. Deciding there was no point in going to another place if she couldn’t get all the supplies she needed, she turned the car around and went back home.

Angelica’s electric car made very little noise when she parked it inside the garage and entered the house from there.

“Oh, Angelica… Can you feel me inside you? You like that, don’t you Angelica… Oh… It feels so good…”

Those were the words she heard as she entered the living room. Before she even realized what was happening, she had walked all the way into the room, and was now standing in front of her naked stepson. It took her a few seconds to process the image of the young man stroking himself right in front of her with his eyes closed, moaning her name. Frozen in place, she soon realized that those were her underwear wrapped around Karl’s erection. bakırköy escort The young man continued to moan and speak, completely unaware that he wasn’t alone in the room.

“Oh, Angelica, you’re going to make me come…”

Before Angelica could do or say anything, Karl began rocking his hips against his hands and grunting loudly. Angelica watched his semen spurt out and land on his hands and belly, also sullying her underwear wrapped around his pulsing member. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Her stepson was masturbating to the thought of her, even using her underwear…

She didn’t have time to process what she was seeing before Karl, still pumping his shaft, opened his eyes and saw the woman of his fantasy standing right in front of him, looking at him with a shocked expression.

His body covered in his semen, the young man did his best to hide his manhood as well as the stolen piece of underwear. Everything happened in an instant, Angelica covered her eyes and turned her head to one side, saying:

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

While at the same time, Karl stuttered:

“It’s not what you… I’m…”

Angelica was now turning her back to her stepson and said:

“I just arrived, I didn’t mean to walk in on you, I’m so sorry. I remembered the shop was closed so I decided to turn back and-“

“N-no, it’s me, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t… In the living room…”

“It’s fine, you thought you were alone…”

Angelica continued to repeat she was sorry as she walked away from the living room. She was so shocked and embarrassed that she didn’t even think about bringing up the fact that Karl had been using her underwear to play with himself.

In fact, the two were so embarrassed about the situation that when they saw each other at dinner, they both acted like nothing had happened. During the evening, each one was worried that the other would bring up the incident, and they were both relieved to find out they were on the same page. While things were awkward at first, after a while they managed to resume their usual conversations.

But of course, neither of them could take their mind off of what had just happened. Karl knew he had been busted. There was no way she hadn’t noticed her distinctive cyan panties, or heard him call out her name. And she had just seen him come!

Angelica had never thought of her stepson as a sexual being. But seeing him stroking his large erection violently brought her to that realization. More importantly, it appeared he was thinking about her… She felt confused, embarrassed, but also flattered all at the same time.

Seeing this handsome young man in such an intimate moment reminded Angelica of some of the things she was missing in her life. She hadn’t felt desired in a long time.

When she went to her bedroom, she opened her drawer and looked at her underwear. She wondered if this was the first time that Karl had taken one. She had never noticed anything.

Karl had been very careful not to be discovered. Every time he would use his stepmother’s panties, he would wash them afterwards, then place them with the rest of the laundry. He always chose one that Angelica had two of, so that she wouldn’t notice one particular model was missing. Of course, now that he had been caught, there was no way he would ever do this again.

Several days passed, and while Karl and Angelica continued thinking about the incident, they never mentioned it and managed to continue spending time together as if nothing had happened. It seemed like both of them thought that ignoring it would make it as though it had never happened.

Karl was thankful that his stepmother never brought up the fact that he was fantasizing about her. He could never admit it if she confronted him.

However, this incident had stimulated Angelica’s desires. There was someone who was attracted to her. Someone who fantasized about her, who pictured himself having sex with her when he masturbated. Who wanted to feel the fabric of her lingerie against his most intimate area. A part of her didn’t want to let go of this and simply forget it. She continued thinking about it for days, until she finally came up with an idea.

One day, Karl went to his bedroom for the night, and noticed a handwritten note placed on his bed. As he grabbed it, he found a pair of red panties had been placed underneath it. He immediately recognized that they belonged to Angelica, and his heart began to race. Holding the note with a trembling hand, he read:


I understand the situation we’ve found ourselves in is very embarrassing. For both of us. Once again, I’m sorry that I walked in on you during such an intimate moment. I heard you say my name. I want you to know that it’s okay, I know that men often imagine the various women that they know during those moments. You are perfectly entitled to imagine whatever and whoever you want; again, it was my bad that I walked in unannounced. There beşiktaş escort is one thing I have to bring up, though. I couldn’t help but notice that you were using my underwear. I’m not blaming you or judging you for it, and I won’t ask you if it was the first time. If you did it, it’s because you felt that you needed to, and I don’t want to deprive you of this. So you’ll find under this note a piece of my underwear that I hope is to your liking. Feel free to do with it as you desire. Whether you decide to use it or not, simply put it with the rest of the laundry afterwards, I will not ask any questions. If you choose to leave your bedroom unlocked in your absence, I will leave another piece in a few days. If it is locked, I will take it as a sign that you want to put this behind you, and won’t mention any of this ever again.

I think highly of you, Karl, and you know I care a great deal about you, so I hope we can continue to have a loving, respectful and understanding relationship.


Karl read the note again several times, then looked at the underwear. So his beautiful stepmother hadn’t been disgusted with him after catching him masturbating with her underwear. She was open to letting him continue to do it, and was even willing to provide him more of her underwear…

The young man undressed, grabbed the panties and slipped under his sheets.

During the next few weeks, Karl always left his bedroom unlocked, and Angelica left him a different piece of her underwear every couple of days. Soon, he had gone through her entire lingerie collection.

But somehow, their relationship didn’t seem to change when they were together. It was almost like this whole affair took place in a parallel life. Karl could freely enjoy his fantasy, while Angelica could feel sexy and wanted.

When summer came, Karl’s father decided to take his wife and son to a holiday resort in Turkey. Surprising neither Angelica nor Karl, he had chosen this destination because of a business opportunity he had in the country. And no more than two days into their stay, he had left his family again to go talk to his new potential client, who had invited him at a hotel in another city.

Nevertheless, Angelica and Karl made the best of their time there. They were both sunbathing next to the large swimming pool of their luxurious hotel. Karl couldn’t take his eyes away from Angelica’s perfect body, covered only by a bright yellow bikini.

Of course, Angelica noticed her stepson ogling her. She enjoyed the feeling, and even started getting somewhat aroused… When the two of them decided they had spent enough time in the sun, Angelica told Karl that she wanted to speak with him privately, and asked him to follow her.

She led him to her bedroom. Still wearing nothing more than her bikini, Angelica told Karl to sit on the large sofa, and joined him. She took a deep breath, then said:

“Karl, I think it’s time we talk about… you know.” She paused. “It’s just weird, acting like nothing’s going on, right?”

The young man blushed. He wasn’t comfortable talking about this. Yet, he couldn’t look away from his stepmother’s stunning body. Her breasts looked so round and firm under her bra. Her skin so glowing. He replied:

“I… I guess.”

“I… never knew you found me attractive. I mean, I never even considered the possibility. But after thinking about all of this, now I… I think I quite enjoy that idea.”

“You do?”

“Well I’m not going to go into any details about my relationship with your dad, but surely you can imagine I’ve been a bit… neglected. And I don’t meet too many people, so it’s not like I get hit on all the time. I guess what I’m trying to say is just… that I’m happy to feel desired.”

Karl gulped. Angelica continued:

“Karl, I noticed you looking at me earlier. Hell, I… can see the way you’re looking at me now,” she said with a smile.

The young man blushed, and she noticed the bulge in his swimming trunks. Angelica felt her own lust slowly fill all of her veins. The sexual tension in the room had quickly become palpable.

“Do you… like my body?” she asked, somewhat awkwardly.


“Would you like to… see all of me?”

Karl’s mouth fell open. Was his stepmom really offering to show him her naked body? He gulped, and shyly nodded.

Angelica smiled. She reached behind her back and undid the knot holding her bikini top. Karl’s heart skipped a beat as it dropped, revealing her perfectly round and firm breasts.

Raising her legs, Angelica slipped out of her bikini bottom. She was now completely naked, sitting next to her stepson. Karl briefly glanced at her breasts and her perfectly smooth womanhood, but, out of unease, quickly looked up into Angelica’s eyes. Feeling even more embarrassed, he looked down. Angelica laughed and said:

“It’s okay to look, Karl. Actually, feel free to stare as much as you like.”

His cheeks beylikdüzü escort scarlet, he lingered on his stepmother’s hard nipples. Her chest was as stunning as he had imagined it. Then, slowly, he let his eyes move down to her crotch. Angelica realized her thighs were closed tight, and with an awkward smile, she parted her legs a little, offering the young man a better view of her intimacy. Though she tried to hide it, she was almost as embarrassed as her stepson. But her lust had taken over her.

Karl was blown away by his stepmom’s body. Seeing the stunned look on his face, she asked, as teasingly as she could manage:

“So… is it as nice as you imagined?”

“Yeah, it’s… you’re amazing. Wow.”

“Why thank you,” she said, laughing. Then her face turned a little more serious. “Actually, Karl, there’s something I have to confess to you…”

He looked at her, not sure if he was supposed to say something. Taking a deep breath, Angelica continued:

“That day, when I walked in on you, I… told you I had only just arrived when you saw me. Well, that wasn’t really true.” She paused briefly. “When I saw you, um… touching yourself, I was a bit shaken, so I kinda just froze there for a moment. Once I had processed what I’d just seen, I could have walked away before you saw me, but… part of me actually wanted to stay, maybe out of natural curiosity, or because I just… wanted to see you. I don’t know. It all happened so fast.”

Angelica paused again to take a deep breath.

“Point is, I could have gone, but I stayed for maybe a whole minute and… watched you masturbate. And then I watched you come. And I… enjoyed what I saw.” A moment passed. “I, um… think it’s your turn to say something,” she said with a shy smile followed by a light chuckle.

“Um… thank you for telling me. Actually, it makes me a little less uncomfortable, I guess. Knowing that you… wanted to see what you saw.”

“I’m relieved to hear that… and to have gotten that off my chest.”

They both laughed, breaking up the tension that had been building up. But it was obvious that the two were still full of lust. Angelica couldn’t hide her erect nipples any more than Karl could the bulge in his trunks. He was still devouring her body with his stare. Angelica said:

“I have to admit… I really like the way you’re looking at me. I’m feeling something I haven’t in a while…” She swallowed hard, considering her next words. “I didn’t give you a choice when I walked in on you during your intimate moment, I sort of stole it from you. Would it make things square if I… let you watch me now?”

Karl’s heart skipped a beat. He wondered if he had somehow slipped into a dream. Could this really be happening? Looking into his stepmom’s eyes, he slowly nodded. After taking another deep breath, Angelica said with a smile:

“I’ve actually never… done that in front of anybody. So… be nice.”

The young man’s jaw dropped as Angelica began to gently squeeze her breasts in front of him, letting out a soft moan. She parted her legs as she gently pinched her nipples. Karl noticed her vulva was glistening.

She closed her eyes and let her fingertips wander across her body, caressing her ribs and hips, her neck, her inner thighs. Her legs spread further as her breathing deepened. Squeezing one breast with her left hand, she brought her right hand to her womanhood. She swiftly coated her fingertips in her juices, then began rubbing her vulva, focusing on her clitoris.

Karl couldn’t believe what was taking place before his eyes. Sitting on the same sofa, inches from him, his stunning stepmother was playing with herself. She kept adjusting her position as her lust grew stronger and her inhibitions faded, offering her stepson an increasingly better view of her intimate performance. Soon, Angelica was facing Karl, sitting in a spreadeagle position, her left hand behind her squeezing her buttcheek while she continued to rub her clitoris.

She eventually reopened her eyes, and looked at her stepson as she pleasured herself. Between loud, deep breaths, she said:

“I like the way you’re looking at me… I feel so naughty, letting you watch me play with myself… But this feels so good, Karl…”

The young man’s mind was in overload. He was mesmerized by his stepmother’s breathtaking intimate display.

“You know, Karl… Every evening, when I go to my bedroom, I lock the door, undress, and sit on the edge of my bed, with my legs spread, facing the large mirror on my closet. And then I masturbate, just like this, while I look at my reflection. Every day, I give myself an orgasm, while you’re in your room two doors away from me. Am I a naughty stepmother, Karl?”

Not sure how to react, Karl slowly nodded, his eyes still glued to the stunning woman in front of him.

“Did you ever… think about this, Karl? That I might be… masturbating while you were in the house with me?”

Swallowing hard, Karl replied:

“Yeah, I wondered if you… ever did that.”

She smiled in response. While she continued rubbing her clitoris, Angelica pushed two fingers inside her womanhood and began sliding them in and out. Karl could see her thick juices covering her fingers, and pouring down on the seat beneath her crotch.

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