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A Midnight Woman Ch. 3

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Brian blinked his eyes open. He had drifted off to sleep. He felt his sister’s rhythmic breathing on his chest and abdomen, and realized that she was asleep, lying atop him. He moved a little, trying to awaken her, but she did not move. He realized that the combination of scotch and the exquisite tension of the sex had totaled her. She was in deep sleep. Brian carefully rolled her off of him and onto the cushiony softness of the sofa. He quietly got up and padded naked across the room to a closet where he got a blanket. He covered her. Then he stood up and just looked at the side of Deanna’s face. She was his sister, but she was beautiful.

Brian pulled on his sweatpants she had been wearing. He picked up one of her cigarettes and lit it. He walked over to the window and looked down on the city. He wondered what would happen now. He had gone to far to deny his wanting her. But how would they deal with it. The world would not understand, that was for sure. He turned from the window, stubbed out the cigarette. He walked through his bedroom into the bath. He turned on a light and looked at his face in the mirror. He pulled off the sweat pants and looked down at his cock and balls, covered with a mixture of both their cum. He reached in and turned on the shower.

The water was hot and felt soothing, cascading over his body. He grabbed a bar of soap and began to slowly and idly wash himself. But his mind was on Deanna. She had made good on her promise. She had taken him places he had never been and he had felt things as never before. Had she really put her tongue in his ass? He just couldn’t believe it. Brian closed his eyes as his soapy hands made their way to his cock, which was unbelievably stiff again. Had just thinking about Deanna done this? He lathered his palm and began to stroke his hardness. He leaned his head back into the spraying water and closed his eyes. With his other soapy hand, he reached behind himself and found the ring of his asshole. He easily slipped his middle finger in. Oh god, it felt so fucking good. He picked up the pace of the masturbation as visions of Deanna’s perfect body danced before his dreaming eyes. And then, he was shooting out ropes of thick white cum for the second time tonight. That hadn’t happened in quite a while. Living alone, he beat off a lot, but once was usually enough to relieve his need. He stroked his finger in and out of his ass, and strained to shoot the final drops of his semen onto the black tile floor of the glass walled shower stall. He pulled the finger out and his body shook. He needed sleep.

After toweling off, Brian slipped the sweatpants back on and walked back into the living room. Deanna was just as he had left her, except she had added a barely perceptible snore to her breathing. Brian smiled. He turned and made his way back into his bedroom. He lay down on top of the covers and pulled them around him. That was all it took, he was instantly asleep.

Deanna rolled onto her back, pulling the blanket up to her chin, and then opened her eyes. She saw the sunlight pouring in the window, filling the room. She turned her head searching for a clock somewhere. She found it as part of Brian’s stereo display. 9:30 it said. She stretched her arms out from under the blanket and over her head, arching her back as she yawned. Wow, had she slept hard.

She got off the sofa and wrapped the blanket around her for warmth, not modesty. She padded quietly through the hall to Brian’s room. There he was, lying on his back, with the bedspread pulled over him. His mouth was open and a little bit of drool was running from the corner. She laughed to herself. He was more handsome with drool running than most of the guys she knew on their best day.

Deanna closed the glass door behind her and just stood in the middle of the three shower- heads firing water at her from all directions, hitting almost every part of her body. She had discovered from the long shower she had taken the night before, how to aim the heads to hit just the right spots. And so for ten blissful minutes, she let the water work its magic. Mmmm, it felt delicious. She reached over to one of the heads, which detached into a hand held. She dialed it to the pulsing position. She put one foot up onto a plastic stool that she assumed Brian kept for when he wanted a long soak. It was just the right height to give her easy access to her pussy lips and clit. And so, she let the pulsing begin as far back between her legs as her hand would reach, feeling the water hitting her anus. Slowly, she felt the warm jets pry apart her feminine folds and wash her inside and finally, it found her clit. Oh yes, that was nice.

“Let me do that.”

It istanbul escort was Brian, stepping into the shower. He startled her, but just for a moment. He kissed her on the mouth and ran his fingers through her long, dark, wet hair. Then, he took the hand held from her. He gently pushed her down into a sitting position on the plastic chair. He pulled a towel from off the glass wall and threw it to the tile at her feet. He kneeled on the towel and as he did, she spread her legs, giving him a perfect view of her.

“Oh yes,” he said, “I think this definitely needs a cleaning.” And he began to spray her tender pussy, pulling at her clit with the fingers of his other hand, as he did. She leaned her head back against the shower wall and closed her eyes. The spray continued to feel wonderful between her legs, and then he replaced his fingers with his tongue. He began licking along the folds of her pussy, and up to her clit. He did this several times before settling at her button to lick with more intensity. He licked and even nibbled, using just his lips. Deanna thought the feeling was incredible. There were other things she would have liked for him to do, but she could teach him those things at another time. He was so earnest in his current endeavor, she decided to just lean back and enjoy. After several minutes, she felt the moment coming and grabbed Brian by the back of the head and pulled his mouth tighter to her. She pulled her legs together against his ears. He licked at her feverishly and she let herself go, cumming into Brian’s open mouth, mixing with the shower water. It was heavenly. And she cried out, “Oh god, yes Brian, you’re so good. That is perfect, keep me cumming. Yes, that’s it. Suck my clit, Bri, suck it into your mouth and hold it. Yeah, that’s it. Oh, fuck yes. You’re so good, so fucking good.”

Finally, her legs loosened around his head and taking his face into her hands, she pushed him away from her sex and pulled him up to her face. She put her mouth on his and slipped her tongue as deep as she could. With her hands, she slid down his chest to his awaiting hard-on. It was hard against her fingers as she wrapped them around it and slowly stroked.

She pulled her face away from his and said, “My turn.”

She pushed him down, so that he was lying with the soaked towel under his hips. The warm water continued to fall on both of their red-hot bodies. She slowly rolled a washcloth and put it under his head, and then she went to work. She spread his legs and pulled his swollen balls up to meet her mouth, sucking one then the other then both into her mouth. “Mmmm,” she hummed as Brian groaned. She continued to roll his balls around in her mouth until he thought he would go crazy. All the time, she continued the rhythmic stroking motion of her hand on his cock. And then she released his balls and started her tongue up the underside of his cock. When she got to the tip, she slipped her mouth just over the head and licked her tongue in a swirl. She took her mouth away, just long enough to ask, “Do you like this Bri?”

“Oh, yeah, oh yeah,” was his breathless reply.

And then she slipped him back into her mouth and began to move up and down, each time going just a little further, until she could feel his wet matted pubic hairs against her nose. She didn’t like that feeling, but she would see to that later. She slowly slid her mouth all the way off of him again and said, “Cum in my mouth, Brian, I want your cum.” And she slid back down the length of his cock. She continued this slow motion pistoning, until finally, she felt his hips rise up, his ass cheeks tighten and he began pouring his cum into her waiting throat. She pulled up on his ass and held her mouth tight over his cock until she felt the last spurt, and his hips relaxed.

“Oh my god, Dee, you took it, you took it all. No one has ever done that to me before.”

“I loved it,” she replied. Licking shower water and the last of his come from his cock.

She crawled up and kissed him lightly on the mouth and then said, “Now be a good boy, won’t you, and get me a towel, I’m hungry.”

Dee had pulled a form-fitting long sleeve tee shirt over her head and put some clean white panties on. She combed through her wet hair until it hung long and dark, framing her face. She touched her lips with a deep red lipstick and pronounced herself ready for breakfast.

Brian was sitting in his sweats at the kitchen counter, sipping a cup of the coffee he had just made. He looked up as Dee came in through the doorway. His little sister made quite a vision in the morning light.

“Hey, avcılar escort you got an apron, Bri? I’m gonna make us some food. I’m ravenous. Wonder why?” She smiled a wicked smile.

“Yeah, in the tall cabinet next to the refrigerator.”

She grabbed it and tied it around her waist. She opened the refrigerator, and saw exactly what she had seen the night before. Not much.

“Damn, Brian, I forgot, you don’t have a thing in here. Is there a store near?”

“Yeah, there is a small grocery on the corner, but . .”

“No buts, big brother, just hike down there and get a pound, no make that two pounds of bacon and a quart of milk and some Bisquick. I’ll make us some pancakes. Now, hustle, before I pass away before your eyes.” She put her hands on her hips and dared him to defy her. Brian laughed, but then he threw on his Nikes and went out the door.

Dee poured herself a cup of coffee, lit a cigarette and walked into the living room. She pulled her portable phone from her bag. She needed to make a call. It was best to do it now, while Brian was gone.

She sat down on the padded window bench and pulled her knees up to her chest. She punched in the numbers and then took a drag and looked out the window while it rang.

When the answer came, Dee said, “Hi, it’s me. I’m here.”

She listened and then said, “That sounds great. What time?”

She listened again and then, “Oh, that’s perfect. I’ll see you then, I can hardly wait.” She pushed the off button and returned the phone to her bag. She looked back out the window at the streaming city traffic below. She sipped her coffee, pulled on the cigarette and smiled.

Brian returned minutes later, carrying a plastic grocery bag. He pulled a bottle of maple syrup from the bag. “Good thing I thought of this, or we would have had some dry pancakes!” He dumped it onto the counter and Deanna went to work.

“Can I help?” Brian asked.

“You did enough for me already this morning, don’t you think?” She gave him a mischievous grin, arching her eyebrows.

“Yeah, well, you didn’t do so bad yourself, I’m surprised you’re hungry” he laughed.

“Yeah right, but nevertheless, I’m making breakfast, so sit down and watch,” she said as she turned her back to him.

Brian marveled at the sight of her perfectly toned ass and leg muscles. “No problem,” he said. 15 minutes later, they were both finishing the stacks of cakes and the full pound of bacon Dee had fried.

“God, I love bacon. Remember when we were kids and all we ever wanted was bacon sandwiches, Bri?”

“Yup, I remember. I guess it’s not really that good for you, but it sure tastes great.”

“Well, my dear brother, there are lots of things people say are not good for you. And you know what? That just makes me want them more.”

Brian understood that Dee was referring to more than just food.

Dee cleared the dishes into the sink. She took Brian by the hand and led him into the living room. She hopped up on the window seat again and patted the other end, for Brian to sit. He did, and she said, “Okay, Brian, last night I talked, but I didn’t give you a chance. It’s your turn, so tell me all that you’re thinking.”

“Boy,” he sighed, “that’s a lot. Okay, well let’s see. First, Dee, what are you doing here. I mean, here in New York? Don’t you have to be at your job in LA?”

“Oh that, well, I had to come out her to meet with a potential client. I knew I was going to come to you that first night, but I didn’t want to tell you I was coming to town, so I just showed up. After the way you left that night, I wasn’t sure how you would react. I knew you would need some time to think, so I got a hotel room. I did some business the next couple of days, and then I came here. Matter of fact, I’m meeting my client again for dinner on Monday night. In the meantime, we have the rest of the weekend together.” She reached out and touched the inside of his forearm, rubbing her fingertips gently up and down. “So, now, Brian, tell me. Tell me all.”

“I don’t know, I guess it started long before that night on your eighteenth birthday. After Mom died, I just felt like I needed to take care of you. You know Dad tried, but he wasn’t much help, being gone all the time and all.”

Deanna nodded but said nothing.

“And somewhere along the line, I suppose it was when you started to mature, maybe about 13, or so, you know, I was feeling the pressures all guys get when they are sixteen. And I was doing some things with some girls, you know heavy petting, that sort of thing.”

“And maybe an occasional blowjob,” chimed in Dee with a glint şirinevler escort in her eye.

“Well, maybe occasionally, but mostly just kissing and touching, and a lot of beating off by myself. But then, I remember, one night, I was walking down the hall, past the bathroom, and the door was cracked open about an inch, and you must have just gotten out of the shower, ’cause you were completely naked. And you were just kind of looking at yourself in that full-length mirror we had in there. And you were sort of spinning and posing, kind of like a model. And the way you moved and the way you looked, I couldn’t take my eyes off you, even though I knew it was wrong. But, god, you were just starting to get hair on your pussy and your little tits were just sprouting, but I remember, I watched as you rubbed your nipples and they got real long. I couldn’t stand it, so I went back to my room, locked the door and masturbated, thinking of my little sister. I’m telling you Dee, I must have shot cum 5 feet in the air, I came so hard. Afterward I felt so guilty, spying on you like that, not to mention having those thoughts about my sister.” Brian raised his head and looked at Deanna.

“Hey, listen, Brian, did it ever occur to you that I always locked the bathroom door, when I took a shower. I wasn’t gonna let you or Dad just walk in on me. So why do you think it happened to be cracked open that night?”

“You mean you knew?”

“Yes, of course I knew. I was showing myself off and I knew Dad wasn’t home and I hoped you would walk by. But, I didn’t know you jacked off over me!”

“Well, I did. And it seemed from then on, whenever I beat myself off, it was you I was thinking about. I don’t remember ever seeing you completely naked like that again, until that night. But each year as you got older, and filled out more, it just made my dick hurt more, and my conscience. Some of the bikinis you would wear to the beach, made my heart pound. Unbelievable.”

“But you never said or did anything,” said Dee, “I figured after I showed myself off to you, that you would say something, but you never did, so I thought maybe you just were not interested in your sister that way.”

“Oh, I was interested, all right. I watched you all the time, until I went away to college. I just didn’t know how to handle it. I thought I might wreck you, or our relationship, or our family. So, I just kept the thoughts to myself. When I was at school, I spent most of the time working on my degree. You know about most of the girls I went with. I had sex with some of them, but nothing ever very serious emotionally for me. And in the back of my mind there was always you. And each time I came home from school on break, it seemed that you got more beautiful, more mature and well, more sexy.”

Deanna smiled.

“And then that night. That night, when I found you on the porch, passed out, well, I guess all those years of wondering just got to me. When I took your clothes off and looked at you, well, I wanted to stop, I knew I should, but there was no way. It was like ten years of frustration watching you, made its way up from me. And when I came, it wasn’t a relief; it was more like a punishment. I remember thinking, . .well, you know what I was thinking. But then the next morning, when you acted like nothing had happened, I felt relief that at least I hadn’t screwed you up too.”

“Of course you didn’t Bri. Like I said in the letter, I knew. I wanted it to happen; I just didn’t know quite how to let you know. Anyway, here we are now. So lets enjoy each other without the guilt put on us by someone else. I love my brother. So what, nothing wrong with that, is there? And I like to give him pleasure. That’s okay too, isn’t it? And now we know he likes to give me pleasure as well. So what’s the problem? Fuck society and its rules. I hate rules.”

With that, Dee grabbed Brian by the neck and pulled him onto the carpet. He was on his back, she on top of him, full length. She started tenderly kissing his face, his eyes, his neck. It was not the same urgency as the night before, but she could feel the reaction growing in his sweatpants.

“I love you, Brian. Always have.”

“I love you too, Dee.”

Deanna rolled off Brian onto the floor next to him. As they both stared at the ceiling, feeling full of pancakes and thinking about what had just been said, Dee placed her hand on Brian’s groin. She lightly massaged his cock.

“Seems like you just can’t get enough of me, huh Bri?” She removed her hand, “Well keep that thought. Right now, it feels so good lying here in the sun; I think I’ll take a nap. After that, I have some things I want to show you. Okay?”

Brian turned his head toward her, but her eyes were already closing and she was curling up against him, her perfect ass pushing into his hip. Brian rolled her way and fitted his body to hers, his subsiding erection fitting nicely into the curvaceous backside. He closed his eyes and soon they were both asleep.

(To be continued)

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