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A Mafia Family Ch. 02

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London UK


Tony couldn’t fathom the scene unfolding in front of him. He was naked from the top, his trousers still hanging onto his waist, but his dick rising past the zip and emerging as the beast it was with a life of its own. It was held by two small hands, wrapped slowly around it and stroking it gently. Eleanor, his own mother, was on her knees, topless and blessing Tony with the sight of her incredibly big and firm bust, her nipples were fucking hard. Eleanor looked up at her son, the passion in her emerald eyes mimicking his. She winked at him before letting her saliva drip sensually on his dick, making Tony groan loudly.

“Oh my god.” He moaned.

“Do you like that baby?” Eleanor asked teasingly, rubbing the tip of his dick.

Tony simply nodded but regained focus as he realised his guard was down. He lightly grasped his mother’s head, getting a good drip on her silky hair and pushed her mouth down his iron dick. He was going to stop when he would feel any sort of objection coming from her, but when his dick continued to slowly vanish past her lips further and further, until her luscious lips were touching the base of his cock. His mother was a deepthroat queen, and knew it. She worked it to her advantage by weakening Tony’s knees. No woman was able to suck all of him, and there was the woman that birthed him, his supposed guardian angel on Earth, swallowing his huge dick with ease.

Eleanor couldn’t believe the situation she was in. She never imagined to be on her knees, sucking a man’s dick with no shame and loving every second of it. With every minute that passed, she would become more turned on, her pussy already dripping. In the past, Eleanor was known to be a woman of dominance, pride and dignity. She never disrespected herself by lowering onto her knees, showing submission and obliging to a man’s needs, yet here she was like a slut, aggressively sucking on her son’s beautiful dick.

She blamed Tony for this taboo act they found themselves in. How can a creature like him exist, she wondered. Perfect in every way. Maybe that was her mother instincts kicking in, however, she knew that there was more meaning to the type of way he made her feel. She was happy to tend to his needs, to attempt and satisfy him. She would suck his dick all night if that made him pleased. Somehow he had a way with manipulation, she realised. Tony had this effect on people, to make them do whatever the fuck he wanted to without putting much effort into it. He was a natural alpha, and abused that powerful attribute.

Tony continued to observe the unimaginable. 72 hours ago he wasn’t aware about his family’s roots, with no certainty of his past. He saw Eleanor glance up at him and sensually licked the side of the iron dick. She smiled confidently, letting saliva drip slowly from her mouth onto his hard member, and then wrapped her large but firm tits around it, causing a moan to escape his lips. He really was a beautiful beast. With her lips tightly sucking in only the tip, she continued giving her son a luscious tittjob and getting an accomplished feeling for every whimper, moan and groan she got out of Tony.

Tony couldn’t believe the freak Eleanor was as he glanced down at her. He could feel his dominance over her increasing naturally. But he knew that a person like her wasn’t easily defeated in a battle of power. He knew that she had him exactly where she wanted, teasing and torturing him.

At that thought, he swiftly got on his feet, and eyed Eleanor down.

“Get on the bed.”

His voice was tense as he spoke slowly and deeply, his intentions were crystal clear. Eleanor felt goose bumps form across her skin as his deep tone and manner turned her on further. She couldn’t help but do as Tony demanded.

Tony licked his lips as he let his eyes enjoy the sight of the stunning Italian woman, now completely in the nude and under a dim light that complimented her smooth olive complexion. He appreciated the scene for a minute, capturing it in his mind, and followed her onto the king sized bed, his powerful arms holding each of her legs and slowly spreading them, revealing her perfectly shaped pussy. He admired it for a second, analysed the thickness of the outer lips, the erectness of the clit and the level of juiciness it already was.

He quickly created a trail of soft kisses up her body, paying attention to her sensitive areas and learning her weak spots, until the two were a mere inch from kissing. They glanced deeply into each eyes, him having inherited the rare shade of green his mother gave him. It wasn’t just a mother and son in this taboo act, it was two souls with more chemistry than they had encountered in the past. Eleanor couldn’t help but admit that the things her son, Tony, was making her feel were novel and unexperienced. Her husband never accomplished such in the their early days of marriage and did not even come close.

Eleanor felt his breathing on her skin and was close to nudging slightly up to taste his lips, but knew that would be a fatal mistake. istanbul escort She could not afford to be the first to submit. As much as she was enjoying this encounter, and all the incredible ways her son made her feel, she couldn’t let herself crumble completely. This was the result from decades of being the head of a family.

Tony knew exactly what Eleanor wanted and was fighting, but loving this game too much, he moved down her curvaceous body again, stopping momentarily at her toned abs, giving them a few soft kisses mixed with teasing bites, before stopping at her cunt. Using two fingers, he spread the lips and began to use his tongue as the tool that it was. At the first contact, Eleanor inhaled sharply, clenching her hands into fists and grabbing a strong hold of the bed sheets.

It took mere minutes for Eleanor to squirm powerfully, scream loudly and shake violently as she reached an orgasm, the first of what would be many to come in the night. Tony didn’t expect his mother to be a squirter, but it turned him on. It matched her elegant personality, able to switch into aggressiveness when the time is right and her energy flourishing. Eleanor Vicenti did not precede her reputation, she owned it.

“What the fuck did you do to me.” Eleanor gasped, dire for air as she entered the cooling off period.

Tony smirked confidently, his eyes glimmering into a darker shade, his inner beast excited to have met an equal and challenger. He didn’t shy away, but rather continued to appropriately tease her as she calmed down, already working on the next build-up.

He coolly spread Eleanor’s tone legs again, staring into her eyes intensely as he approached her sweet and puffy opening with his enraged member leading. He was anticipating this very moment since the first time he laid eyes on her. The way she walked so perfectly and elegantly into his life. He knew this private encounter was imminent. When he thought of the taboo aspects of their anticipated act, nothing came to mind. He did not worry, nor did he care about society’s prejudicial views and foundations for the rules of sex. He lived a life out of the ordinary, incredible to the average and unlawful to the lawmakers. Another illegal act such as this, however big it may be, would mean absolutely nothing to him. It would just add to the other millions of things he had already crossed the line with. Incest was just another stepping stone. One he was keen on taking, experiencing and relishing.

Eleanor was still trying to catch her breath while she gazed down the beast she created in front of her, who was eyeing her down and clearly was ready for the next execution. She tried to find her bearings but failed. He had licked her into a level of pleasure she never experienced before. This was all new to her, and she couldn’t help the haziness from overtaking her mind. She looked down her son’s bulky body, truly a Greek god in one of his elements, and glared down the dick that was about to enter her. Eleanor couldn’t hide her excitement as her body revealed it all to Tony; her nipples were already hard and her pussy dripping from anticipation.

When Tony’s dick touched her pussy for the first time, electric waves travelled straight to her pleasure spot and her mind began playing crazy. But right when he lined his powerful cock up against her tight opening, she firmly grabbed his abs and pushed him slightly away against her will.

“Wait.” She said breathlessly. “What about protection?”

Tony glared down the beautiful woman, stunning in every way, clearly annoyed at the ridiculous question. Inching his face closer to hers and speaking in a low manner, he spoke succinctly and answered what was on both their minds.

“My women will always accept me in the purest forms, like the day I was born.” He briefly kissed her lips. “You, out of all people, should not have any issue with this, capisce?”

Eleanor whimpered slightly at his raw response, not knowing where to look as he spoke those words. She knew that by allowing him to enter her, she would inevitably become one of his women. There was no escape from that title. Their relationship going forward would be in his hands. She was fully aware of that from the moment she asked for the initial meeting, and then again when she agreed to go back to his mansion. He had her in control, as he always was.

She couldn’t form a coherent answer, but simply blinked lustfully at her new man, grabbed a hold of his iron dick and guided him into her most private and precious place she could offer, struggling for power.

Tony knew he must allow his mother some level of authority, and her guiding him into this taboo act was it. So he settled to intently watching the incredible scene broadening its scope beyond the wildest of imaginations, as his own mother allowed him access not only into her body, but opening up a pathway to her as a person and soul. Someone he was able to connect with, trust and turn his back to knowing it would be protected. avcılar escort A partner.

He gripped his mother’s body strongly and began entering her slowly, causing both to groan loudly at the incredible sensation they were feeling.

Eleanor couldn’t believe the size of him. Despite enough natural lubrication, he was too big and she was too tight. She hadn’t let another man inside of her in a very long time believing that no one was worthy of even being gifted this. Yet here she was, less than 12 hours after meeting this god like man, on his bed, her legs spread wide and accepting all of him while also giving all of her.

It took several attempts from both of them until Tony’s shaft settled completely inside of her. Its mere presence hitting all of her sweet spots. She couldn’t help but moan loudly at every little thrust or contraction, as Tony triggered intense pleasure in its purest form.

Tony observed the woman lying beneath him, in his grasp, enjoying his dick. Something about Eleanor made him want to completely let go, and it wasn’t just because she was his birth mother. Their chemistry was without a doubt a complete cycle. They connected beyond physical pleasures, reaching as far as mental bliss and soul peace. Their love was beyond comprehension, and both knew that.

Completely losing himself in the ecstasy, that he for sure knew to be heaven, he began thrusting faster, their bodies clashing violently. He reached to one of her tits, squeezing the nipple hardly making Eleanor’s eyes roll backwards, while his other hand was muscularly settled around her neck, holding his mother’s tiny body in place while he savagely fucked her.

It was pure, hard and sex. Continuing his plays on her, he brought his lips down to hers, crushing and biting them, their tongues exchanging saliva all the while he continued to pump powerfully into her.

“Fuck!” Tony shouted, feeling levels of pleasure that was also novel to him and trying to relish every second of it.

Eleanor knew exactly what her son was experiencing, as she herself was going through the exact same process. The intensity of their fucking was increasing with every thrust, pleasures forming from every angle and a tingly sensation spreading across their bodies. This type of immense pleasure could only be formed as a product of a violent and forbidden clash, like the war of between angels and devils.

Tony grunted heavily, body covered in pearls of sweat as he turned into a creature whose only purpose was to fuck the woman under him. He swiftly pulled out of Eleanor, smoothly turned her onto her front, face deep in the pillow as she presented her voluptuous ass to her sexual predator, ready for the vicious attacks that will continue bringing her the pleasures she never knew craved and were missing in her life. He powerfully thrust into Eleanor’s tight pussy again, relishing in how her walls wrapped snuggly around his tool, already mending to his shape for the ultimate fit. He slapped an ass cheek, causing his mother to yelp loudly, and grabbed it firmly then squeezed while he continued his attacks on her cunt.

Mere seconds after, Tony felt Eleanor travel into the land of ecstasy as she became limp, losing all control of her limbs and reaching another orgasm, this one stronger than the previous. She couldn’t help but moan loudly, egging her son on more. Tony obliged happily as he increased his pace, fucking her deeper in longer strokes.

There was no period of rest. He wouldn’t allow her cool down this time. He brought an arm around her waist, the other reaching up to her tit and squeezing tightly, playing with her nipples, before settling on her silky hair and pulling it while fucking her from behind, her ass cheeks clapping loudly against him.

Eleanor was feeling another orgasm nearing and she quickly adjusted her body to ease the process, but Tony knew exactly what his mother was attempting and stopped all motions, staying still. Only their heavy breathing could be heard, and then she groaned in frustration.

“You want it?” He asked Eleanor invitingly, which received him a stone stare from her. “Then thrust back on it, it’s here for you to take it.” Tony said smugly.

Eleanor cursed her son for the perfection he was, knowing full well she created this human, but he developed into a monster. Her will for pride was weaker than it was for the satisfaction her body desired. She didn’t wait decades for this level of pleasures only to terminate it due to her own foolishness, and so, looking straight at her son’s now hazel eyes, she pushed herself back on his iron shaft slowly, squeezing the pussy walls tightly and enjoying seeing him squirm under her.

“What’s wrong baby?” She giggled. “Something the matter?” She spoke softly.

Tony stared at Eleanor, who was his companion of the night. A warm feeling divulged his heart and head, one that he wasn’t aware was capable of sensing.

“Here, let me.” She offered, and after a brief second of contemplation Tony şirinevler escort allowed himself to be laid on his back while his mother placed herself smoothly on top of him, her tits squashed between them, her hair tickling Tony and her face mere inches from his. She reached for his dick and after a quick gentle stroke, lined her vagina against the tip and lowered herself, moaning loudly.

“Oh my fucking god.” Tony cursed, his hands squeezing the incredible ass of his mother, a hand on each cheek and giving it the occasional powerful spanking while she rode him.

“Not so bad when a woman takes charge, huh?” She smiled gleefully at him, glaring into the gates of his soul.

This was the moment that Tony realised that he didn’t love Eleanor as a mother, but as a woman. Maybe the feeling was premature, but he knew what his heart felt, his mind craved and his soul desired. The answer was this woman. He wanted all of her.

Eleanor leaned back up, her hair twirling from the movement and Tony couldn’t help but admire the beautiful creation that was his mother. She placed her hands firmly on his toned upper body and began sensually rising up and down on him, squeezing his dick tightly getting little moans out from her son.

Tony relished the feeling his mother caused internally and externally, their passionate fucking taking the breath out of both while maintaining the intense eye contact they shared since the beginning. He supported himself on his arms, leaning forward and taking one of her erect nipples into his mouth, sucking gently at first and then biting down on it, causing Eleanor to throw her head back in ecstasy. He wrapped an arm around her lower back, hugging her tightly, his other hand remaining on her firm ass cheek and continuing to squeeze the life out of it. He matched her motion, taking advantage of her vulnerability and pushing his dick as far as possible into her tight and juicy snatch. Eleanor brushed her hand into his thick hair and grabbed it intensely from pleasure, which made him let go of her nipple, his mouth travelling to her neck and biting down, leaving his marks on her. This made Eleanor squirm even more, moaning louder and reaching her third climax on top of her son, shaking violently.

The Keiser savoured the sight unfolding, his need for the finish rising, causing him to pump harder and faster into her.

“I’m gonna cum.” He whispered into her ear.

That sentence gave Eleanor empowerment and encouraged her to ride Tony more aggressively. Tony couldn’t hold back anymore and without a word of warning, pushed Eleanor away from him, but not enough to detach his tool from her warm pussy, then grabbed her legs and pushed both of them off the bed. He crushed his lips against her, their tongues twirling around each other, and carried her a couple steps until they hit a wall. He lowered his mother into a comfortable position until he was able to stroke completely in and out of her without meeting much resistance. He began the last few attacks on his mother’s pussy, making Eleanor wrap her legs around her son and digging her nails deep into his wide back. Tony groaned loudly, like a man possessed, and fucked Eleanor viciously.

For minutes the room was filled with only the sounds of their passionate fucking, until Tony felt his orgasm nearing, at which he hugged his mother tighter, furiously making out with her and began contracting, his dick finally receiving the blissful finish it desired from the start. He let everything out, and refused to withdraw from the perfect safe haven until his balls were empty. Throughout all of this, Eleanor gently stroked Tony’s head, calming him from the violent shakes until there were no more and he had released every single drop of his seed inside her.

Minutes passed with neither moving from the comfortable position they found themselves in, appreciating the aftermath of their violent fucking. Tony eventually found his strength again, held his mother tightly and carried her to the bed. He laid her down softly, not breaking their eye contact, and kissed briefly.

Eleanor sighed. “That was something else.” She spoke softly, her voice a mere whisper.

She was too exhausted to speak another word. She closed her eyes and knocked out for the remainder of the night.

Tony lay next to her, playing carefully with streaks of her hair and traced her distinct features with his fingers, enjoying her soft body. He continued doing so for a while until he was certain that she was deep asleep. He then quietly removed himself, pulled the duvet over his mother and gave her a brief kiss on the lips.

“Indeed, that was something else mother.”


New York City, USA


Vanessa Vicenti fired up a Marlboro smoothly, inhaled deeply and let out the electric smoke. She began this bad habit only recently, but she learned quickly. It surprised her that when she found a spare pack in the living room, she didn’t think twice while toying with the idea. She guessed it was all the years seeing her mother smoke and the image that she portrayed doing so, elegant and sexy. She could only hope to be as classy as Eleanor, who was desired by so many but only a few deserved the honour of only exchanging words with her. Vanessa never fathomed how her mother settled for her dad, but there was always a reason behind every single one of Eleanor’s moves.

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