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A Granddaughter’s Duty Ch. 03

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‘I must say, you’re looking well,’ Ray’s visitor complimented.

‘No more than usual, Katlyn,’ Ray said, brushing off the compliment.

‘No, really, I mean it, there’s a glow to you, something I’ve not seen since before . . .’ she trailed off. ‘You look really well, I mean it.’

‘Before Elinor passed, you mean. It’s okay, Katlyn. You can say her name.’

Katlyn smiled a tinge of sadness in her eyes. She reached across and rested her hand on his knee – a gesture between old friends. They were sitting in Ray’s living room; Katlyn sitting on the comfy two-seater sofa, while Ray sat on a chair opposite.

A movement from the kitchen drew their attention.

‘Ah, tea. Good girl, Shelly,’ Ray beamed.

Shelly walked carefully, balancing the tray that was crowded with teacups, sugar bowl, milk jug teapot and a saucer with biscuits. She set the tray down noisily on a nearby coffee table. As she did so she noticed the motion of the other woman as she pulled her hand away from Ray’s knee.

‘Let me move the table closer,’ Shelly offered.

‘It’s fine where it is,’ Ray said, reaching for the teapot.

‘No grandpa, it’s no trouble,’ Shelly insisted, lifting the coffee table awkwardly and moving over so it was right in between Ray and Katlyn.

Katlyn smiled sweetly at her, ‘Thank you, dear.’

‘You’re welcome,’ Shelly said, a little more tartly than she wanted to.

‘Don’t you want to join us?’ Ray asked.

‘You can sit right here,’ Katlyn said, shifting her big bulk over to make space on the two-seater. She patted the empty space.

‘No, thank you,’ Shelly said curtly, avoiding eye contact with the older woman.

‘Shelly?’ Ray said, taken aback at his granddaughter’s behaviour.

‘I have to finish tidying the kitchen,’ Shelly said, already on her way out of the room. She tossed her hair as she left.

‘I’m sorry, Katlyn, I don’t know what’s gotten into that granddaughter of mine.’

Katlyn smiled mischievously as she reached for the teapot on the coffee table. ‘I think I do.’

‘What?’ Ray asked, mystified.

‘Well, I’d say she’s got a touch of the green-eyed monster about her.’

‘What, jealous?’

‘Yep,’ Katlyn poured the tea in her cup, then Ray’s.

‘What nonsense.’

Katlyn laughed. Then lowering her voice. ‘She wants you all to herself.’

‘Well, she’s been very rude to you. I’ve a mind to have her to apologise to you this instant.’

‘Oh, Ray, leave it be. She’s just like Elinor, quite the little spitfire.’

‘She certainly takes after her grandmother,’ Ray admitted.

Katlyn laughed, ‘That’s what worries me.’

In the kitchen, Shelly grimaced as she heard her grandfather’s friend laughing. The old bag, Shelly thought as she plunged her hands into the warm soapy dishwater. Although she had to admit that Katlyn was less of an old bag than she would have liked. Age was kinder to some women more than others and it certainly seemed kind to Katlyn. There was no question that the older woman had the markings of age in some respects; laughter lines around her eyes, her hands not wrinkled, but lacking the smoothness of youth like Shelly’s. Her bust was more of a problem though – big pillow sized tits that practically dwarfed Shelly’s – and Shelly’s boobs at E-cup were hardly small. Shelly’s only consolation was that the older woman’s tits must be soft and saggy from age – her nipples were probably wrinkled too. Damn. Why did she have to visit today?

The woman was one of her grandmother’s closest friends and lived quite far away but had made the journey specially to see Ray. Shelly was hoping to spend the afternoon in her grandfather’s bed, having him ravish her body. Shelly had even bought some new lacey underwear to show off – instead, her grandfather had sprung the unwelcome news this friend of Shelly’s grandmother was coming to visit. So now, instead of playing the role of insatiable whore, Shelly was playing at being tea lady. Shelly scrubbed another plate clean and shoved it on the dish holder to dry and reached for the cutlery still in the washbasin.


She almost jumped in surprise. Turning she saw her grandfather in the doorway. His coat was on and for a moment her heart leapt at the possibility that he was seeing Katlyn out to her car. Shelly’s hopes were swiftly dashed.

‘I’m just popping to the shops for wine and quiche. I forgot Katlyn was vegetarian,’ he said.

‘I can go, grandpa,’ Shelly offered.

‘No. I won’t be long. I want you to stay here and keep Katlyn company,’ there was a no-nonsense sternness in her grandfather’s tone that Shelly did not like.

‘But I haven’t finished tidying the kitchen,’ Shelly protested.

‘The kitchen can wait,’ her grandfather shot back. ‘I want you to chat with Katlyn, and don’t think I didn’t notice your attitude earlier young lady. I think an apology is in order.’

Shelly hung her head. ‘Sorry, grandfather,’ she said humbly.

‘Not to me. To Katlyn.’

‘But . . . .’

‘No buts, Shelly. I’m going bakırköy escort now and I expect you to be on your best behaviour. Katlyn was a close friend of your grandmother, God rest her soul, and I won’t stand for any nonsense.’

‘Yes, grandfather,’ Shelly said miserably.

When she looked up, her grandfather had gone. A second later she heard the door close as he left the house.

Shelly dried her hands on a tea-towel and reluctantly sauntered into the living room. She felt like a Christian going into an arena with a particularly big and hungry waiting lion – or in this case, lioness.

Katlyn smiled warmly at Shelly as she entered the room, a gesture that made Shelly feel even more nervous. Katlyn sat at a slight angle her legs partly drawn up under her on the sofa, one elbow on the sofa’s armrest propping her up. Her shoes were off too. It was both a relaxed and commanding position. Despite the older woman’s bulky form and large breasts, there was something catlike about her, Shelly decided.

‘Sit down, honey,’ Katlyn said, on seeing Shelly hover nervously by the chair her grandfather had been sitting on.

Shelly sat, her knees together hands on her lap like a schoolgirl sitting before her headmistress.

Katlyn laughed, ‘Why, you look like you’ve just seen a ghost. I don’t bite, you know.’

‘Was the tea, alright?’ Shelly asked for want of something else to say.

‘The tea was lovely. Thank you for making it.’

‘You’re welcome,’ Shelly said, stiffly.

Katlyn’s smile remained on her lips and her eyes seemed to be drinking in Shelly.

Just when the silence between them was becoming unbearable, Katlyn spoke; ‘You know we’ve met before?’

‘We have?’

‘A long time ago. When your grandmother was still alive. You must have been about ten. You were here with your mother as I remember. How is she?’

‘She’s fine. I . . . I don’t remember you.’ Shelly said, then added in a rush; ‘Sorry, I didn’t mean that to sound rude . . .’

Katlyn held up a placatory hand. ‘You didn’t, really. No apology necessary. I remember your grandfather sitting here on this sofa and you were sitting on his lap and him saying you were getting too big for that.’

Shelly smiled awkwardly.

‘You were very close to each other, weren’t you?’

‘We still are,’ Shelly said guardingly.

‘Of course,’ Katlyn said.

There was a pause. A brief quiet settled between them, though this time Shelly didn’t feel any awkwardness. Again, she was aware of the older woman’s intense gaze.

Katlyn must have sensed Shelly’s slight unease for she spoke suddenly. ‘Sorry dear, I didn’t mean to stare. It’s just . . .’

‘Just what?’

‘You look so like her – your grandmother, I mean. When she was about your age. It’s quite uncanny.’

‘Grandpa says that too,’ Shelly said. She felt herself starting to warm towards the other woman despite her earlier reservations.

‘Let me take a closer look at you. Come and sit beside me,’ Katlyn said. She shifted over on the sofa to make room and patted the vacated space.

After a moment’s hesitation, Shelly rose and moved to sit beside the rotund form of the older woman.

Katlyn appraised her as though she was examining a painting in a gallery. ‘You have her eyes, certainly. And that hair.’ Katlyn enthused and Shelly felt the older woman’s fingers melt into her mane of dark hair. ‘So soft and . . . lustrous. You have gorgeous hair, dear, you know?’

‘I suppose . . .’ Shelly said. ‘What else?’

‘Your voice, it could almost be Elinor talking – if I closed my eyes. She had a way with words, your grandmother.’

‘What do you mean?’

The older woman seemed half lost in a reverie as her fingers played with Shelly’s thick lush hair.

‘She liked to tell stories. She’d make them up – sometimes strange but always memorable. Didn’t your grandfather tell you?’

‘No, he doesn’t talk much about grandma. We . . . er, talk about other stuff.’

‘Of course. Memories can be painful as well as sweet,’ Katlyn said.

‘Can you tell me one?’


‘One of grandma’s strange stories.’

‘Oh, I don’t know. It’s been so long.’

‘Please,’ Shelly begged.

Katlyn took a deep breath and closed her eyes as though summoning distant memories. ‘Okay. Alright, I think I can remember one.’

Shelly clapped her hands in delight.

‘But you need to get comfortable. Here, I’ll lie back a bit and you can rest on me.’

Shelly stood so Katlyn could lie on the sofa, her head on the armrest. Shelly lay beside her, face-up, her head resting on the older woman’s pillow-like breasts. She felt Katlyn’s hand stroke her hair, while the older woman’s other hand rested on Shelly’s chest.

‘Close your eyes,’ Katlyn instructed.

Shelly obeyed. For long seconds she could hear only the older woman’s breathing. She could feel the sensation beneath her head of Katlyn’s chest rhythmically rising and falling. Then Katlyn began her grandmother’s beşiktaş escort story.

‘Two women met along the highway of life – one in the fresh bloom of her youth, the other old and in her autumn years but with a mind filled with experience and wisdom. They talked and the old women, wise in her years naturally envied the youth and vibrancy of the young girl, and the young girl, in turn, envied the knowledge, experience and wisdom of the old woman. What if, for a short time, we could exchange our gifts of life, the old woman pondered – your youth for my wisdom. I would like that very much – just for a short while, the youthful girl replied, but alas such things can never happen. But perhaps they can, the old woman said, and she produced a talisman from a small purse – a curious timepiece with no hands, only a glass eye in the centre. The two women held the strange object between them for a few moments and it transpired that the old woman found her mind inhabiting the body of the young girl, and the girl found herself looking through the eyes of the old woman, and her thoughts were filled with the memories and wisdom of the old woman. Each woman revelled in the mysterious transition, but presently the youth became nervous and asked the old woman to take the talisman again so they could swap back, but the old woman, now inside the young girl’s body, laughed and skipped and danced and ran away. The youth, trapped in the old woman’s body, could not keep up and soon fell to her knees, and now, having the wisdom of the old woman, realised she should never have trusted her, for wisdom will always sacrifice itself for the sake of beauty.’

As Katlyn finished a short silence settled.

‘What a strange, sad story,’ Shelly said.

‘Yes, that was the sort of story your grandmother would make up – always strange but memorable.’

Shelly felt relaxed and comfortable lying against the older woman. She turned her head to look at Katlyn’s face. The older woman still stroked Shelly’s hair, and her hand on Shelly’s breast felt warm.

‘She should have been kinder to the young girl,’ Shelly said.

‘Oh, why?’

‘Well. Perhaps the young woman wouldn’t have minded sharing her youth with her if she’d been nicer.’

Katlyn looked down into Shelly’s eyes. ‘Yes, perhaps.’

‘You must have been very close friends with grandma,’ Shelly said.

‘We were. Thick as thieves me and your grandmother were.’

‘Did you used to lie with her, I mean like we are now?’

‘Oh yes, all the time.’

Shelly shifted around so she lay face to face with the older woman, Shelly’s hand resting tentatively on one Katlyn’s big soft breasts.

‘Did you ever . . . did you ever kiss her?’ Shelly asked, her face only inches from Katlyn’s.

Katlyn brought a hand up to Shelly’s face cupping younger woman’s face. ‘We did,’ she said softly. ‘And more besides.’

Shelly slowly lowered her face closing the small space between them, her lips touching Katlyn’s as her hair brushed the older woman’s face. Katlyn opened her mouth in acceptance of the young woman’s offering.

Shelly’s tongue probed eagerly in Katlyn’s mouth as the older woman responded to her advance. Katlyn’s hand found Shelly’s breast, kneading it gently. They broke the kiss, each woman gazing into the other’s eyes with arousal and need. ‘Your breasts are so firm,’ Katlyn said, softly.

Shelly sat up. ‘You can’t feel them properly through my clothes.’

Shelly, in a one graceful, practised movement, pulled her T-shirt over her head and tossed it to the floor, and with one hand deftly unfastened her bra freeing her large firm breasts.

Katlyn gazed in admiration. Her hands reached for them, cupping, then kneading them, exploring their contours as though she were assessing them.

Shelly sighed at the feel of the older woman’s hands, her nipples hard and sensitive to the slightest touch. She was wet now, the warm dampness in her knickers testament to her arousal.

‘Katlyn, would you . . . show me what you would do with grandmother . . . please?’

Katlyn took in the sight of the topless girl, her best friend’s grandchild in the full bloom of her youth, offering herself to woman nearly three times her age.

For what seemed a long, long time, Katlyn did not speak, her gaze drifting downwards. It was, Shelly thought, as though she was recalling memories of a place far off and now lost to time. Shelly had seen the same look in her grandfather’s eyes many times.

She waited and was suddenly frightened Katlyn would reject her advances.

Katlyn, a half-smile on her lips, looked up into Shelly’s eyes. ‘Take off the rest of your clothes, child,’ she said gently.

Shelly climbed off the sofa and pulled off her jeans and panties, tossing them carelessly away.

Katlyn sat up straight on the sofa as Shelly stood naked before her. She reached up and stroked Shelly’s breasts before moving her hands slowly downward over Shelly’s taught firm stomach, then outward over her hips beylikdüzü escort reaching to fondle the young woman’s firm rump.

Shelly’s breathing was growing faster, her chest heaving with the desire for her body to be used by the older woman.

‘Put one foot up on the sofa, dear,’ Katlyn instructed gently.

Shelly complied.

Katlyn reached between Shelly’s legs, the tips of her fingers finding the slick warm folds of Shelly’s pussy.

Shelly gave a sharp gasp at the contact. Her body trembled, not from cold but from anticipation.

‘Look into my eyes, child,’ Katlyn said, her voice barely louder than a whisper.

Shelly looked into the older woman’s eyes as she was bid. Her lips were parted slightly, and she licked them with nervous excitement.

‘This is what I would do with your grandmother,’ Katlyn said, and as she spoke, she slid her index finger inside Shelly, eliciting a sharp gasp. Shelly’s vaginal muscles tightened around the intruding finger as it pushed deeper up inside her. Katlyn withdrew her finger slowly then adding a second finger pushed back inside.

Shelly gave a small cry.

‘You’re so nice and tight,’ Katlyn purred as she began fingering the younger woman whose whole body trembled from her ministrations. Katlyn’s fingers and knuckles were soon soaked in Shelly’s juice and pausing, Katlyn withdrew her hand and raised her soaked fingers to her mouth and sucked Shelly’s slickness from them. ‘You taste like her too,’ Katlyn observed.

‘I know, grandpa says so too.’

‘He does?’ Katlyn cocked her head, a curious smile on her lips.

‘Oh, God . . . I . . .’ Shelly spluttered.

‘Relax, child. I’m teasing. He told me all about what you two get up to.’

‘He did?’

‘The night after you did it for the first time. He was worried about – you, he told me he felt ashamed and guilty.’

‘What did you say?’

‘I told him it sounded like you were just like your grandmother, and if that were so, you certainly knew your own mind and that the two of you should enjoy the time you spend together any way you both want to.’

‘Thank you,’ Shelly said, grateful both for Katlyn reassuring her grandfather and giving her blessing to the new intimacy between them.

‘You’re welcome. Now what I want to know, child, is if you know how to use that mouth of yours for more than sucking your grandfather’s cock.’ As she spoke, Katlyn lifted her buttocks off the sofa a few inches and pulled her skirt up around her hips.

Shelly looked down at Katlyn’s thick white thighs then up into the older woman’s eyes seeing her own lust reflected there.

‘Kneel down and take off my panties, there’s a good girl.’

Shelly knelt and moved closer. She hooked her thumbs around the elastic sides of Katlyn’s lace underwear and the older woman again raised her buttocks to allow Shelly to remove her panties.

Shelly held the soft warm garment to her cheek as Katlyn opened her legs wider to better facilitate Shelly. Shelly, moving close, looked up into Katlyn’s commanding eyes.

Katlyn reached out and stroked Shelly’s cheek. ‘Show me what you can do, child.’

Shelly lowered her face between Katlyn’s open inviting thighs. Her lips kissed the soft warm folds of her labia. Katlyn’s breathing deepened in response to the younger woman’s touch. Shelly’s kisses became more intense as she tasted Katlyn’s wetness. She began to use her tongue running around the folds of Katlyn’s soft slick pussy. Katlyn’s placed a hand on the top of Shelly’s head enjoying the soft sensation of Shelly’s thick, soft hair.

‘Good girl,’ Katlyn purred as Shelly’s tongue probed deeper inside the woman’s sex. Her tongue traversing the inner labial lips, running her tongue slowly up and down the length of Katlyn’s opening. She probed, caressed, and moved the tip of her tongue in small circles and felt with satisfaction Katlyn’s grasp on her head tighten in response.

‘Now, child,’ Katlyn said between deep heavy breaths. ‘Go deeper for me.’

Shelly pressed her face deeper into the woman’s sex as she had been bid, her tongue stretching as far as possible inside the hot slickness of Katlyn’s pussy. Shelly’s face was now pressed tight into the big woman’s opening, and Katlyn’s thighs closed to bury Shelly’s face further, muffling Shelly’s ears. Shelly worked her tongue as for as long as she could but the need to draw breath became overwhelming and she pulled out.

Katlyn smiled down at her as Shelly sucked in breath, her chin and cheeks wet with love juice.

‘Not bad, child. You use that tongue of yours quite well.’

‘Thanks.’ Shelly was genuinely delighted with the compliment. ‘Katlyn, there’s something I meant to say to you. I’m sorry about being so rude to you earlier.’

‘That’s all right honey, there’s no need to apologize,’ Katlyn said softly. Her hand on the back Shelly’s head. She applied gentle pressure and guided Shelly’s face back inside the valley of her broad thighs.

Shelly dutifully placed her mouth on Katlyn’s slick opening and ran her tongue around the wet grooves of pink flesh. This time she paid more attention to Katlyn’s clitoris playfully teasing the hard, sensitive bud with the tip of her tongue. She made small light swirls and was delighted at the moaning of the older woman in response to her attentiveness.

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