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A Dream of Heaven

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You came to me in the night and whispered in my ear “come to me.” I opened my eyes and saw your silhouette against the bedroom window. Your curving body, your hair backlit by the moonlight coming in, the little hairs on your arms standing on end as the draft from the AC vent blew over your naked body. I sat up and slid to the edge of the bed. I held you by the waist and placed my head on your stomach as you caressed my hair with your fingers. Your breasts were slightly brushing against my hair and I felt you tremble as looked up and took a hard nipple in my mouth. I felt your knees go weak and stood up to hold you. As I turned you around to put you on the bed you said “take me, I’m yours” and I kissed your neck.

I could feel your breath against my cold skin and got shivers down my spine, with your back against the bed I looked you in the eyes and kissed your lips. Our tongues found each other and moved together in a breathless dance of passion. I could feel the heat of your body against mine and your body moving against me was driving me to insanity. From your lips I moved slowly down your neck onto your stomach, pausing only to kiss your beautiful, erect nipples. As I moved down your body slowly I savored the tangy taste of your body arching up to meet my tongue. My fingers caressing your breasts, I took the plunge between your legs and found you esenyurt escort now hard clitoris. I blew little kisses on it, wrapped it in my tongue and caressed it. I could hear your breathing now…louder, heavier, stronger. You were moving your body against me and I could feel my excitement grow. As your body tensed and a moan escaped your lips I felt the rush of your passion and tasted the sweetness of you. Relaxation. Your body limp, limber and relaxed on the bed. Your breath now slowing down…. more and more evenly.

I came up to meet your eyes and found them closed. Your face frozen in an expression of satisfaction…still, your lips had a grin. I could tell you were not ready to call it a night. I felt the passion rise again as you smiled and looked into my eyes. Mischief? Intent? Payback! Whoever coined the phrase, “payback’s a bitch” never took the time to satisfy their woman. Payback is the sweetest reward.

You pushed me down on the bed and held my arms down over my head. Your lips found mine and we kissed again. Hungrily this time, as if time was running out, as if we had only a minute and half of it was gone. Your body over mine felt warm and moist on my navel. You rocked hips over me, teasing, tempting, inviting, prohibiting all in one. Your mouth moved to my neck and then my ear, both our breaths heavy now. Still, avrupa yakası escort you kept my hands above my head. I felt a mixture of pleasure and frustration that was driving me to madness. I wanted you and I wanted you right then. Just as I was about to loose control and rock you off me, you let go of my hands and pressed my back into the bed. You had determination in your eyes as you looked into mine and said, “don’t move.”

I didn’t, couldn’t, I wouldn’t. I was at your mercy and I wanted to be. I closed my eyes and gave in to you. I could feel your breath moving down my neck and on to my chest where your tongue found my nipple. I felt a charge running through me, as if electricity had come into contact with me. My breath grew heavier as yours moved down to my stomach and I felt small kisses around my hips. I was dying of anticipation and the disappointment was exquisite. I felt your hands on my legs, nails dragging lightly over my skin. I felt your fingertips running up the inside of my legs and again I froze with expectation. Once more I was pleasantly disappointed when your hands made your way to my chest again. As I relaxed thinking “cool, here we go again” I was surprised to feel your lips on me. Warm, moist sensation covering, caressing, flickering me. My breath anadolu yakası escort escaped me.

I felt my body tense, then relax, and then tense again as you moved rhythmically. I could feel the tension build, my hands clenched, my toes curled and then suddenly, without a warning or explanation you stopped and lay on top of me. I groaned and opened my eyes to find yours locked on me, a smile on your face. I smiled back and pulled you up to me. I sat you on my hips and caressed your breasts. You began to rock your hips against me and I couldn’t resist any longer. I entered you and felt you tense around me. Heaven! Your warmth around me we moved as one.

The temperature climbed, as did our heartbeats. We looked in each other’s eyes and couldn’t help but smile. You came down and leaned your body over mine and I embraced you in my arms and kissed you. I could feel your heart pounding against mine as our tempo increased, the most intimate dance. I rolled you onto your back and laid on top of you. Your legs wrapped around my waist and your arms around my neck, you pulled me closer to you as if trying to absorb me into you. We kissed passionately and our breaths felt warm on our faces. The heat was intense and our bodies were covered in sweat but we didn’t care. As I felt you tense and tremble I looked into your eyes and felt a rush, a heat, a tension screaming for release. Our bodies tensed and we both moaned in pleasure.

Our bodies limp, covered in sweat, lying together…panting. You looked over at me and we kissed again, slowly this time…time was on our side…the night had just started. You are my dream that’s not a dream.

* * * * *

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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