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A Chance Meeting Ch. 02

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The drive was a continuation of our teasing lovemaking. When Tara removed her hand from mine to steer from the driveway onto the road, I put my hand upon her thigh. She wriggled a bit, moving closer to me, giving my hand more access to her hot thigh. At first I slid my hand down toward her knee and was rewarded with her jumping a bit, causing her foot to mash the accelerator to the floor. Her eyes got huge, and I laughed at her body’s reaction. Her hand clamped on mine and pushed it back up her thigh away from the ticklish spot just above her knee.

“Oh so you want my hand higher?” I asked.

I squeezed her thigh and then started sliding my fingers along her inner thigh. I watched her hands grip the steering wheel tighter and her nipples become intensely erect again. Her mouth opened as her breathing deepened. I slowly slid my hand further up her thigh, until my fingers were playing along her extreme upper thigh almost brushing her labia. A small moan escaped her as the car started to roam a bit on the road.

“Oh damn Josh, I want you to keep going and I need you to stop or I won’t be able to control the car.”

I held my hand very still just feeling the heat of her. She put one hand onto mine and pressed it into her thigh punctuating another moan. She then slid her hand along my arm to my lap then over my now mostly erect bulge, and grabbed it.

“Soon, soon you are all mine.” She whispered as she grasped my hardness tightly.

I wasn’t sure that she was talking to me, or aloud to herself. It didn’t really matter; I loved the feeling of her hand on me. With my hand on her and hers on me we survived the next few minutes. Then she took her hands back to steer the car into her apartment complex and into her carport. As soon as the car was stopped, and the key turned off, she grabbed me again and with a guttural moan, covered my lips with hers. The kiss was feral in its intensity. Our lips mashed together, our mouths open and tongues immediately tasting the other’s mouth once again. We sat there in the car, lost in the intense exchange for some time. Our bodies moving, hands teasing and mouths tasting each other until we were both at such a fevered pitch that the windows started to fog up.

I became aware of a sharp pain in my hip and realized the seatbelt fastener was digging deeply into me. I pulled away, not able to see straight, barely able to breath.

“Oh Tara, do you know of a more comfortable place to resume this, or let me recline the seat” I asked.

Tara laughed and then reached across my chest to open my door. During our kiss she had moved so that she was practically in my seat, balanced precariously upon the center console of her small car. I wriggled out the door, and then helped her find her legs. With a push of a button the car was locked up and she grabbed my hand pulling me with obvious purpose toward the building. We made our way inside, then to the elevator. She pushed the next to the highest button, floor 10, and up we went. We immediately pulled back together continuing the intense kiss we were just sharing. I felt her breath gasping, even as mine was, into my mouth around my lips and tongue. I crushed her into the corner of the elevator, my hands starting by cupping her face. They quickly moved down her body, cupping the sides of her breasts and then her hips. Her hands were equally mobile as our mouths hungrily expressed our passion.

I slid my leg between hers and with a great moan she starting riding my hard thigh. I was captivated by the feeling of her body pressing against mine, the sound of her soft moaning, the feeling of her grabbing hands, and teasing fingers. Vaguely I heard a soft bell, however, all that existed in my world was her, the feeling of her body melding with mine. Then I felt very strange as the elevator started to descend. Tara cried out, realizing we’d just missed her floor.

We started laughing and by the time the elevator was all the way back to the lobby we were laughing uncontrollably. When the door opened we were greeted by strange looks from another couple. They said hello to Tara, and she tried to control her laughter long enough to gasp out a hello to them. She was finally successful, just as they exited the elevator, which got both of us laughing again. This time when the door opened on the tenth floor, she pushed me out the door following closely, then she steered me from behind until I was pressed face first into a door. All I could see was the brass numbers 1014. I felt her reach around me to unlock the door then suddenly I was falling through the door.

I caught my balance, and spun around just as Tara came through. I grabbed her up in my long arms and as the door slammed shut pressed her bodily back against the cool wood, locking our lips together yet again. The passion that had been burning through us since we got up from the cot at Dustin’s now exploded. During the kiss, my hands didn’t just tease her, now my hands pulled her dress up, exposing her silky skin until her dress was bunched up along her upper chest and my hands were full bursa escort of her heaving breasts. Her hands were simultaneously grabbing at my clothes. She unbuttoned my shirt so fast I think I may have lost a couple buttons, and I didn’t care. I just wanted to feel her hands and body against mine. Then she clawed my pants open and as they started to fall she broke the kiss for a moment. I felt the dress slide up along my face. I could smell her in the fabric as it grazed me. It was incredibly erotic to smell her passion then the dress fell to the floor behind me.

I usually try to be cognizant of the amount of pressure I use when I caress and tease a woman’s breasts and nipples. However, at this moment, I was beyond the ability to have that level of control. Luckily Tara was in sync with me and as I pinched her nipples she screamed into my mouth with the cresting of her orgasm. Her legs started to buckle and instead of falling, she wrapped her arms tightly around my shoulders and neck and then clamped her legs around my waist. This trapped my throbbing hardness against her liquid lips.

We both moaned as I pressed against her opening and then started sliding in. The multi-hour tease we’ve had brought both of us to such a passionate high that for my part at least, I could think of nothing except the enveloping heat and the anticipation of our mutual bliss. I braced her up with my arms against the door and with a thrust of my hips speared into her. She bit my neck in response as she cried out the enjoyment she was experiencing. There was no finesse in this coupling, just basely expressed pleasure. Her constant encouragement drove me on until I was slamming into her. The door was banging, keeping our rhythm, our breathing coming in gasps, punctuated by cries, screams and moans, as her legs continued to alternately grasp then release in time with my thrusting.

I felt and heard Tara as she approached her peak. The feeling inside her drove me completely over the edge and with a huge thrust I exploded deeply inside her, which simultaneously drove her over the edge. We both shook in reaction as our bodies expressed our ultimate pleasure. It became an eternal moment where we were truly linked minds, bodies and souls drinking in our mutual pleasure.

My legs were worn out and as gently as possible I slid to the floor leaving Tara on top of me. I held her to me as we both slowly recovered from our passion. Eventually, we did, sharing a wonderful smile that expressed our mutual enjoyment.

With a giggle Tara said “Well are you ready to see the rest of my home?”

We slowly untangled ourselves and got to our feet. In a wonderful act of freedom we left our clothes where they had fallen and left the entryway. Tara took my hand in hers and started showing me around her home. It was beautiful, just like her and I told her so. I loved watching her blush as she showed me the things that were particularly important to her and when I complimented the things that caught my eye.

As we walked around, our bodies touching, our hands together, I was struck at how comfortable I was, and how incongruous that was with the fact that we haven’t known each other for 12 hours yet. I felt like we’d been together for days or weeks. I really knew very little beyond her name and that she has some connection with Dustin. Oh and I know that she drives a very nice Camry.

The home wasn’t too large, two bed rooms, two baths, a largish eat in kitchen and a nicely sized living room. Everything was tidy, not like a showroom, it was definitely lived in, just not slovenly either. As she showed me around we got to the door of her room, the “master suite,” and I joked with her.

“So, it’s lucky you have an extra room, that way I won’t encroach upon you. I wouldn’t want to be too forward and assume that we’d sleep together or anything.”

Her eyes got huge as she thought that I wanted to sleep in the guest room. Then her mind caught up, thinking for a second about our intimacy throughout the night, and that we are both standing together nude, still coated with our lustful explosion. She also saw my huge smile and we both started laughing. She grabbed me and pushed me into her bedroom and right down onto her bed. I made the mistake of looking at her bedside clock, 04:38, no wonder I’m so fuzzy headed.

She crawled up to her pillows and arms extended invited me to join her. Of course I was there in a second. We wriggled under the covers, and then intertwined together, just basking in the incredible comfort of the moment. She put her head on my shoulder and I breathed in her musk, yet again. My mind wanted to take this woman into orbit again, yet as soon as my body was prone, I realized that it wasn’t going to happen. I worried about it for a minute, until I realized that Tara was totally asleep in my arms. I made myself comfortable and with another thought about how wonderfully lucky I was, joined her in blissful rejuvenating sleep.

I awoke with the sun shining around the room, and for a moment wondered where I was. My bedroom only gets sun bursa escort bayan late in the day. It wasn’t right and then I realized where I was and looked over. There she was, her hair all askew, covering one eye. Her body splayed out the covers alluringly showing bits of her luscious body. My body reminded me as to what awoke me, besides the light, and I carefully crawled out of bed and made my way to her bathroom, quietly closing the door.

I controlled myself and didn’t search around to see what she keeps in the cabinet or closet, and was quickly finished. I opened the door and looked out and was instantly captivated again. It was just like when I first saw her at Dustin’s. Just one glance and my heart stops and my eyes are riveted. Only now I know more about her, the timber of her voice, the feel of her touch, the passion of her kiss. I just stood there watching her sleep, mesmerized.

After a while I was able to break myself away from looking at her. Now I had a decision to make. I was desperately hungry, and I desperately wanted to awaken her with my tongue along her body. I was trying to figure out which hunger I wanted to sate first. I felt a bit of a headache and knew that I needed to see if she had any food. So I snuck out of the room, quietly closed her door and made my way down to the kitchen. I thought about putting on my clothes as I was still nude and decided to risk it. Though I did take a second and picked up all of our clothes and placed them folded on a hall chair.

I looked around, through the cupboards and refrigerator to see what she likes to eat. To my dismay, I found that she doesn’t seem to eat much, or is in need of a trip to the grocer. I found some food in the freezer that I could put together with something in the pantry and left over food in the fridge to make a passable meal. I noticed that her coffee maker was all set up, and being the brain-surgeon that I am, figured she enjoyed coffee in the morning, so I pushed “go,” I rummaged around finding the pots/pans etc I needed and in almost no time had the meal whipped up. It may be that she doesn’t eat breakfast, based upon the lack of food, however, I figured that being awoken by a breakfast in bed would be acceptable even if all she did was to drink her coffee and eat a piece of toast.

I found a tray in a closet and balancing the food and drinks, made my way back to the bedroom. I had been as quiet as possible, however, with the food in my hands I made a bit of noise when I came back into the room. She jumped when she caught my movement out of the corner of her just waking eye, letting out a bit of a scream. Then, her mind awoke and she remembered that she didn’t go to bed alone and relaxed. A huge grin lit her face as she smelled the food and sat up.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had breakfast in bed, what a wonderful treat.” She said gleefully.

“Well, it’s just a put together meal, so I hope it’s alright. I have no idea what you like, I just guessed from what I could find.” I responded.

She leaned forward and cupping my head pulled me to her, expressing her thanks for the effort with a kiss. Then she surveyed the tray to see what I had put together. She found a single omelet, made from the last of the eggs, some cheese from the freezer and various veggies that were still edible. I had included toast with butter, as well as some jam and some honey in small bowls, her coffee, sugar, and milk on the side, and water for both of us. I had also found some left over Chinese, so I heated that up, thus providing some noodles with shrimp, and pork. Lastly, our feast had a piece of cheese cake that came from a local deli. It was partially eaten, yet still looked wonderful, so I included it. After all, it was about 1:30 pm, I didn’t know what she would like to eat breakfast foods or lunch foods.

“Oh my, what a wonderful feast. You found all this in my fridge? What here is mine?” she asked.

“We can share everything or if you are uncomfortable with that, pick whatever you like. I like it all, which is why I cooked it, and will eat whatever you don’t.” I responded.

Tara dug in eating a couple bites of the omelet, a piece of toast and then spearing some of the noodles. She was as hungry as I was. I ate with her, sharing the meal and sometimes feeding bites to her. It was quite a lot of fun, filled with tender touches and wonderful glances. We kept conversation to a minimum, giving our bodies much needed fuel. Finally sated, the food all gone, the dishes set aside, we lay down together.

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything you needed to do today.” I said with a look that told her I was so much with her, I couldn’t remember anything I had planned for this Saturday.

“You might have, though right now I can’t remember what it could be. You don’t have to run away do you?” She said with a bit of trepidation in her voice and eyes.

“No, if you’ll have me, I’m all yours.” I said with a very happy smile.

She settled into my arms and we just lay together for a bit, not saying anything, just feeling, just being escort bursa together. Then it happened, the phone rang. Both of us just about had heart failure. Tara looked at the phone like it was a poisonous snake, with total loathing for interrupting our moment. She listened and after four rings it stopped, obviously being taken up by an answering service or machine. I was impressed that she was able to not answer the phone. Few people have the self restraint.

Now the moment was lost though, and I noticed that I was in desperate need of a shower. So I figured it could be fun time! Tara got up and went into the bathroom after the phone stopped ringing, and after a few minutes made her way back to the bed. She tried to envelope me in a hug when she flopped back on the bed and I eluded her and ran into the bathroom. She started to follow, and then stopped with a pout on her face. I kissed her telling her I’ll be right back, don’t move. I firmly closed the door, then went over and turned on the taps to the wonderfully huge garden tub she had.

“Hey, what are you doing in there?” She yelled through the door, laughing.

“None of your business.” I replied.

I checked the water temp and adjusted it so it was wonderfully warm, boarder-line hot. Then with a little bit of searching I came up with some scented bath beads which I threw in, watching the tub get all bubbly. I went back to the door, and saw her shadow under the door. I pulled the door open quickly catching her with her ear to the door. And before she could adjust, I pulled her into my arms.

“Okay, since you are soooo curious.” I said as I lifted her in my arms and carried her over to the three-quarters filled tub.

I set her in and turned off the water, so it wouldn’t overflow when I joined her. I made my way into the tub as well, snuggling in with her. We moved around finding the most comfortable position, which turned out to be me against the side and her nestled between my legs, lying back against my chest. My hands slowly caressed her body with the warm water and slippery soap bubbles. The feeling of her against me brought back the wonderful feelings of last night and I felt myself start to harden. She obviously felt it as well, because she wriggled her ass to capture my hardness between her cheeks.

As I felt her ass grab me, I held my hands, one on her breast the other nestled between her legs such that my fingers were spread over her labia, two on the outside, and two in between. I didn’t enter her or pinch her nipples; I just held my hands upon her. She laid her head back and just enjoyed the feeling of my body encasing hers. I kissed and nibbled her ear, which she seemed to enjoy greatly. While we lay together she said,

“Are you ever going to put those in side me!”

“I don’t know, should I?” I said with a chuckle, a nibble and added pressure upon her bud.

She moaned softly then pressed my hand with hers, crushing her clit which brought her partially out of the water. I let her continue to use my hand as a toy and aided her enjoyment by caressing and teasing her nipple with my previously stationary hand. She started moving more and more and pressed my hand harder against both her pubis and her breast. She craned her head around and kissed me, then moved a bit so the kiss could be deeper. When she moved my fingers slid into her now very slick love tunnel. She gasped at the pleasurable feeling, kissing me more deeply as her passion was quickly exploding throughout her body.

I curled my hand and pressed my two fingers deeply inside of her and moved such that I was able to suck her nipple into my mouth. That was all it took this afternoon. She screamed out her pleasure as her body exploded for the first time today. She held my fingers steady with her hands and then started moving wildly, bucking on my hand driving herself over the edge again in a very short time. After her explosion, she stopped directing my actions and instead grabbed my hardness with her hands.

“I have to have you, now!” she said as she dove under the water and took me into her mouth.

It was sublime having her mouth tease me for those short bursts, and then she would surface to get another breath. After which she would eat me again. The way she used her lips, teeth and tongue absolutely drove me wild. Finally she was getting dizzy from her diving experiences and I was unable to keep my fingers within her. I tried to lick her from them; however all I could taste was the soapy water. Not the flavor for which I was looking. So I pushed her back and up out of the water. She whimpered with the cool air until and the cooler tile until I pushed her legs apart and dove in.

I was so very hungry for her and after her diving tease wanted to feel her explode on my tongue. I paid particular attention to her engorged clit, sucking it into my mouth, pressing it with my tongue and generally flicking it around. Every once in a while I moved off that most sensitive spot and licked and sucked her wonderful essence into my mouth. I felt her begin to plateau and pressed two fingers deeply into her as I sucked her clit back into my mouth. Her guttural moan told me how much she enjoyed that addition. I forged around inside her while I played with my tongue, when suddenly she stopped breathing.

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