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A Baby – Family and His Brother Ch. 05

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Is this story true or not, you tell me?

Jan, Sue and I did many things together and were the best of friends, Sue also accepted me being lover of her parents.

One day Jan and I were at the pool talking about sex, when I brought up Sue and mentioned that Sue has made many passes at me and in simple terms wants to go to bed with me.

Jan stared at me and said,

“Yes she knew that”, as she put it, “She a chip off the old block”.

I told her that it was getting harder and harder for me not to fulfill her wish.

Jan said, “Hun, lets just put it this way, Sue is 3 Months away from being 18, and if she still wants you and you her, then you have our blessings.”

I asked, “won’t you be offended”,

She laugh, “no Hun, I know you love Nick and I and if Sue had to learn what it is like being with a woman, then you would be the one we would want for her first experience.

I said, “Nick knows this”.

“Oh yes, Nick knows, he and I both could see it, and appreciate that you haven’t done anything yet and waited.”

I was blushing a little. She said, “Nicole, you’re a sweet person, we know you wouldn’t deliberately hurt anyone of us”. “So Hun you have our blessings if it happens after she is 18. “Just be gentle with her.” “She also said, “Personally I don’t think she is a virgin, but she hasn’t discussed this with me.”

I told her that she never mentioned to me that she has gone to bed with a boy, and felt, since were so close that she would of, Jan agreed.

Then she started to laugh and said, “I wish I could say that about Guy, but I know he isn’t a virgin.”

I started to laugh too, “Yep, he is a chip off the old block, Nick’s block.”

I never mentioned this to Jan, but Guy use to tell me about all his conquest as he put it, then would always add, “When you going to become one Nicole.” I would just laugh at him and say never.

She also looked at me and said, “You know he wants you to.”

I looked at her, blushing,then nodded my head.

She said, “you three are so close in age, and have so much in common, but please Nicole, wait until they are old enough.

I told her don’t worry; I would never touch them regardless how much they wanted to.

Sue 18th birthday came and pass, she was going to the local University and still lived at home. Then one day I was out by the pool, naked and sunning myself, when Sue came walking up and asked if she could join me.

I started to laugh and said “since when do you have to ask to sun with me.”

She stared at me and said, “Since ankara bayan escortlar I turned 18”.

Looking, at her, raised myself up and sat on my towel. I patted the ground in front of me for her to sit down face me, which she did. I looked at her, noticing the beauty, sweet and innocent look she had.

I grab her hand and said, “Do you really want this to happen”.

She said, “Nicole I have wanted you since the first day I met you two years ago, and you know I tried many times with you but felt you didn’t want me”.

“Oh Hun, no that’s not the reason. You were still a minor and no way would I touch you. Plus I also promise your parents I wouldn’t.”

She looked stun, “you mean they know.”

Well Sue, “you really never hid it that well.”

What did my Mom say?

She just said that if I would wait until you were 18 and if you wanted to that they would be glad it was I for your first time.

She stood up, and walked to the patio door, turned to me and said, “What you waiting for.”

I started to laugh, shook my head and then grabbed my towel and walk to the patio door. She took my hand and led me to her bedroom. I been in this room many times, but never thought I would be in here having sex with Sue. She lies on the bed and seem to blush, said, “Come on before I change my mind.

I walked over to her and knelt on the side of the bed, and looked into her eyes. She was gorgeous, having both her Mother and Fathers features. Her breasts were so firm and just waiting to be sucked on. I lean over with my elbows on the edge of the bed and place one hand on her forehead, clear her hair away from her eyes.

She had very long hair like me, but a sandy blonde. As I massage her forehead I told her that I also have wanted her, but because of the circumstance would never touch her. She kind of turned on her side and I leaned over placing my lips on hers and then sticking my tongue in her mouth. Our tongue’s met, and she grabs me around my neck.

“Ohhhhh Nicole, I have waited for this way to long”.

“Lay back Hun, let me work on you first.”

I put my hand on her firm breast and started to massage her nipples, kissing each one and then sucking them into my mouth, nipping on them. Her hand reaches to the edge of the bed and started to massage my breast to.

She said, “Please get on the bed with me.”

I got up and lay next to her on my side. We were kissing, when I heard the door open, Jan was standing there she looked at me and smiled, then shutting the door slowly. Sue never heard the ankara seksi escortlar door. Our kissing was getting very passionate; she did know how to kiss. Our breast were crush against each other as I moved one of my legs in between hers and started to move it and massage her pussy with it. Slowly as I was sucking on her breast I moved my hand down her body and search out her clit, once found I gently started to massage it with my fingers.

She began to moan, I started to kiss her breast, stomach, teased her navel and work my head down to her pussy. Her body was perfect, just like her Mothers, firm and soft.

When my head reach her pussy I took her clit into my mouth and then she grab my leg and swung it over her body so my pussy was now by her face. I lowered my pussy down to her mouth and she started to lick. I continued to lick and suck on her clit and then tried to put a finger in her vagina. It was then I realized she was still a virgin. So, I didn’t push it in to far, but did finger fuck her a little.

She now was licking and sucking on my clit and had a finger in my cunt, fucking me with that finger like she had done this before many times. Her moans were getting louder and louder, as were mine.

Then she said, “Please Nicole fuck me, please fuck me.”

I turned and looked at her, “Hun you’re a Virgin I can’t.”

She said “Please I saved it for you.”

Looking at her, puzzled as to why me, then said, “Ok”.

I got up, said, “masturbate yourself, Ill be right back.”

Went into my bedroom and there lying on the bed was Jan, she smiled. I went to the cabinet and got out one of the strap on dildo’s, looked at Jan again and said, “She is a Virgin and wants me to be her first, is that ok with you.”

She smiled, “Yes Hun, just be gentle with her”.

I smiled and said, “You know I won’t hurt her.”

I went back into Sue’s bedroom, shut the door. As I was putting the dildo on, began watching Sue masturbate, thought to myself, that I had seen her masturbate before by accident, but this time she was really into it.

Her moans were very loud and as I lay on the bed, told her to continue then kissed her and started to work on her body again. She was moaning and started to beg me again to fuck her.

I then got in between her legs, after putting oil on the dildo, plus rubbing some on her pussy and in her vagina.

Leaning over and said, “Hun this is going to hurt a little, but the pain will go away.”

I tried to get the smallest dildo Jan and I had, but they were bought for us, not an 18-year-old bayan ankara escort virgin. Slowly I placed the head of the dildo in the crack of her pussy and worked it up and down around her vagina.

It entered, she stiffen and let out a yelp. Told I was sorry, but it will hurt at first, she said “Please don’t stop”.

I worked it slowly, every so slowly in and out until it wouldn’t go any further. I only had about an inch in.

She looked at me, said, “its ok, just shove it in please.”

I leaned down and said. “Oh baby I don’t want to hurt you.”

She said, “Please” in a begging tone.

I then put my lips on hers, stuck my tongue in her mouth, put my hand on the dildo so it wouldn’t bend and then shoved.

She screamed,

I said, “that’s ok Hun, the pain will go away”.

The dildo was now in about 4”, a tear came down her eyes, but she smiled and reaches for my face and started to kiss me. As we were kissing I started to fuck her slowly and each time the dildo went in further and further until it was all in. I started to fuck her slowly and increasing my strokes, then she started to meet my strokes. I was now laying on her and fucking her the best I knew how. She really getting into it and moaning, she grabs my hips and started moving me faster and faster. I could see she was close and just continued with the motions she wanted.

I nibbled on her ear and said, “let loose Hun”.

She screamed, forced my hips down so the dildo was all the way in and then just started to jerk her ass up to get as much of the dildo she could, screaming Ohhhhhhhhh yessssss, Ohhhhhhhh Godddddddd Yessssssss.

She started to kiss me all over and said, “I love you, and I knew if I waited you would make it good for me”.

Smiling at her, said, “anything for my baby.”

We both lay there for a while and I said, “Lets get something to eat.”

She smiled, “yes this made me hungry to.”

We both got up; I took off the dildo and laid it on the bed we entered the kitchen and Sue froze.

There in the kitchen was Jan, she turned around and said “Hi, I thought maybe you two would be hungry so I made some sandwiches.”

Sue started to blush,

I patted her ass and said “Its ok, she knows and she is happy for you.”

I gave Sue a quick kiss on the forehead and then walked up to Jan and kissed her, saying, “Thank you Hun.”

Three naked girls standing in the kitchen, when Nick walks in.

“Hey see you girls been swimming, think I will have a quick one too.”

We all started to laugh. He looked puzzled, “What is so funny.”

I said “Nothing Hun, just go an have a nice swim and Ill join you in a few minutes.”

I wink at Jan and Sue, said “Ill see you guys later”, gave them both a kiss and went to see Nick.

To be continued

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